Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 8

The colors for the Color Your World Challenge from Tourmalinenow are:

Ahhh…. most of these look remarkably similar to last week’s entries. I hope these photos qualify. Here are my attempts:

1. Forest Green: along a narrow path.

2. Pacific blue: looking across San Fransisco Bay to Alcatraz. So this literally is the Pacific.

3. Yellow: my favorite Cadbury chocolate bars; I can’t find them in the U.S. so I stock up when I’m in Ireland.

4. Outrageous orange: The sunset over Dublin.

5. Red violet: Smithwick’s Irish Ale (pronounced Smith-ick’s if you don’t want to sound like a foreigner!)

6. Purple Mountains Majesty: the blooms in the greenhouse at Biltmore Estate.

7. Blush: more flowers; this time from the gardens at Kylemore Abbey.

Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 7

Here are the colors in the Crayola box for this week’s Color Your World Challenge from Tourmalinenow.

This past week I’ve been in my favorite destination spot: Ireland. Obviously the green wasn’t a problem but some of the others are a wee bit of a stretch!

1. Fern: It’s even green in Ireland in February. This along the Ring Of Kerry.

2. Blue green: it’s the water of the sea between the coast and the Skellig Islands (where they filmed The Force Awakens for all the Star Wars fans…)

3. Goldenrod: I just thought the sign was hilarious. Don’t drive your VW Beetle off the pier!

4. Melon: look close at the art piece in the atrium … that’s sort of melon, right?

5. Orchid: there’s a slightly colorful tinge to the clouds, right?

6. Royal purple: lobby chairs

7. Jazz berry Jam: the colorful houses, harbor-side, Port Magee.

Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 6

The colors in the Crayola box this week for the Color Your World Challenge from Tourmalinenow:

Since I covered Screaming Green earlier this week, I’ll start with Number Two..

2. Outer Space: This is me practicing night photography so it’s not the greatest. One of these days I’ll figure out these settings!

3. Sun glow: skillet cornbread perfect with a bowl of spicy chili on a cold winter day

4. Bittersweet: One of my autumn acrylic paintings

5. Dazzle Dazzle Rose: the notebook on the top, and head I still handwrite a lot of my preliminary scenes before committing them to the electronic file!

6. Purple Heart: Roger Waters in concert last summer – the opening number

6. Piggy Pink: flowers clinging to the cliffs