Foto Friday – Color Your World, Week One #cyw

In an attempt to stretch my photography skills, I have signed up for the “Color Your World” Photography Challenge from Tourmaline. Every day for 120 days, a new color from the Crayola color palette will be the featured challenge. I am opting to post all the colors for the week in one post. Here are my photos for the week one colors:

1. Bluetiful (YlnMn blue) – a great piece of art from my pal Beach (go see his photos!)

2. Almond – I know, I know LAZY!

3. Mahogany -My Nana’s hope chest brought over from Scotland in 1923. (It’s pine, not mahogany)

4. Shocking pink – this might not quite match the Crayola color but the sky at sunset was so amazing, I pulled over on the side of the road to get the shot with my phone!

5. Indigo – the sky, not the berries in the foreground.

6. White – my resurrected orchid!

32 thoughts on “Foto Friday – Color Your World, Week One #cyw

    1. I had every intention of moving her to the poolside and I liked her so much and didn’t want to put her out in the weather so she stayed in the living room. We actually just painted the walls a ‘beach house’ blue so she matches even better! 😃💙😃

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      1. Perfect! Yeah, we put a coat of poly on her before sending your way, but if outside, the caps would still begin to rust. I like that look, but if you want the colors to stay true, inside is the way to go. 😃

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      2. So she stays! And somehow she got a name today from a couple of other commenters! Florrie the fish. Which is pretty hilarious because Florrie was my mother-in-law’s name. 😲

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    1. Thank you! I didn’t realize it could be anything other than photos. I might mix it up a little if I run out of subject matter to photograph!


      1. I completely understand. I have set limits on the amount of posting I do. I was posting every day and it began to feel like a job. So I’ve reduced to 2-3 times a week so I can concentrate on my next novel!


      2. That’s a great plan. Gives to lots of time to focus on the ‘award winning’ work 😋
        I’m hoping to reduce my output too but right now I need to wake up myself and my followers… tell everyone that im back. January will be busy but I’m hoping to drop down to a 2-3 post per week and fill in the other days on instagram.

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      3. Tis a shame but I quite like managing them differently.
        It lends to doing something else in another medium and keeps the same creative poetics.
        I don’t use instagram as much but I do enjoy it. There’s very little cross channel stuff so it’s almost like having two audiences… for now atleast.

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    1. It looks like Florrie is her new name! Ha! The clock story… it isn’t antique or anything but I had to find one that didn’t ‘tick’ loudly or else it will keep me awake at night!


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