Foto Friday – #cyw Color Your World Week 5

The colors from the crayola box this week are:

Thanks to Tourmalinenow for the Color Your World Challenge. Hmmm, some of these colors are suspiciously similar to previous weeks. Damn it, Crayola! At least black is a color I can heartily endorse!

  1. Electric Lime: back to the Philly Auto Show
  2. Sky Blue: on the Irish Coast (Dingle Bay)img_5742

3. Banana mania: this does not resemble the color of any banana I’ve ever seen, but the dog’s coat is kind of that color. And he is a banana so… here’s Jay Dog!


4. Sunset orange: at the ballpark last summer

5. Purple pizzazz AND 6. Blue violet: another night at the ballpark:img_0007

7. Black: branches against a grey, rainy skydsc00568

Foto Friday – Color Your World #cyw – Week 2

This week’s entries for the Color Your World Challenge from Tourmaline!

1. Inch Worm: From the Philadelphia Auto Show 2017

2. Robin egg blue: a walk along the Thames in London


3. Yellow orange: The Gardens at Kylemore Abbey, County Galway, Ireland. I have no idea what the flowers are…

4. Fuzzy wuzzy brown: A nice Irish Pale Ale!

5. Pink Flamingo: my hydrangeas, the season before I killed them!

6. Wild blue yonder: Bucks County sunset in December

7. Timberwolf: back to Kylemore Abbey in Ireland.

Foto Friday – Color Your World, Week One #cyw

In an attempt to stretch my photography skills, I have signed up for the “Color Your World” Photography Challenge from Tourmaline. Every day for 120 days, a new color from the Crayola color palette will be the featured challenge. I am opting to post all the colors for the week in one post. Here are my photos for the week one colors:

1. Bluetiful (YlnMn blue) – a great piece of art from my pal Beach (go see his photos!)

2. Almond – I know, I know LAZY!

3. Mahogany -My Nana’s hope chest brought over from Scotland in 1923. (It’s pine, not mahogany)

4. Shocking pink – this might not quite match the Crayola color but the sky at sunset was so amazing, I pulled over on the side of the road to get the shot with my phone!

5. Indigo – the sky, not the berries in the foreground.

6. White – my resurrected orchid!