Three Empty Frames – the synopsis

I dread writing the book blurb for the back cover and/or the Amazon website. I have trouble deciding on what to say and what to leave out. What follows is the long version of the book’s description. On the blog I can be as wordy as I want! Chapter One will be posted tomorrow. I hope you will enjoy it! And for those of you who have read it, I’ll be interested in your thoughts about the changes I’ve made.

Jennifer Dunne has just buried her mother. The tedious task of sorting through her mother’s things yields a discovery. A diary dating from the 1960’s hints at her mother’s involvement in a decades old unsolved mystery. Three priceless works of art, stolen from a Philadelphia museum have been missing since Halloween night in 1968. When Jen and new love interest, the handsome lawyer, Tommy Quinn, begin to unravel the clues, the Dunne family is targeted by a burglar. Coincidence? Just when Jen and Tommy believe they’ve discovered the location of the missing paintings, things turn dangerous.

Meanwhile, Jen and Tommy’s relationship is complicated by the arrival of a handsome executive from Prague who attempts to sweep Jen off her feet. Alexi Marek is wealthy, elegant, and charming. He is also not who he claims to be. The search leads down one blind alley after another until finally, Jen is sure she’s found the location of the lost masterpieces. But has the final clue led her astray yet again? Or have the paintings been hidden in plain sight all along?