The ache was deep, the chasm wide
A heart left battered, a trust betrayed
And hidden away, locked inside
A broken woman, a soul afraid
And she bravely carries on
Every night a dreamless sleep
A blackness, sweet oblivion
But every sower has to reap
A painful restitution

Her resolution falters

Drowning, gasping, clawing to the surface
Treading dark water, staying afloat
Not so easy when you think you’re worthless
So much simpler to just let go

Lost to attrition

A spark of hope, a love unexpected
Tenderness, a healing balm
Gently loved, caressed, protected
Quiet the voices, issue the calm
Blessed redemption
To take the tentative step to trust again
To give her heart and take one in return
To share a life, to risk the pain
Of a love as intense as a fire that burns

She is salvage

Written in February 2016

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