#banishtheblues Whimsy

A quick sketch to light a dark day:

45 thoughts on “#banishtheblues Whimsy

      1. I know what you mean. I think it’s just because we’re going from a great human, classy, intelligent, and humble to an obstinant, uncouth, bigoted oaf. Just remember, he’ll expose who he truly is, and this “experiment” won’t last long. Just gotta keep the faith and hope those in position to do so rebuke his bullshit at every opportunity.

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  1. So when do you change the banner to read Meg Sorick, Writer/Sketcher? My stick people don’t even look like people. I never acquired the ability to draw. Then again I never had the patience to stay with it and try to get better. I did work a mean Etch A Sketch back in the day however. America’s first “tablet” I suppose? Back to the sketch…I’m a big moon person. Full moon tonight as long as the skies cooperate. As impressive as a full moon is…for art purposes a crescent moon wins the day for me. I needed a little whimsy today and now I have it!

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    1. Oh the moon! I was subconsciously affected by it I think. So much ‘lunacy’ the past couple of days. And the dreariness of this weather. If its going to be winter, why can’t it act like it? Give some some beautiful cold and snow!

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