Losing Words

Reworked and reimagined…

The pretty words rattle and quiver
They shake the walls
And give you the shivers

Bless those words and damn the silence
Tap the inkwell
Cover the blankness

They flow like a river, swollen to flood
Burn like a wildfire
Drip like blood

Over the precipice they tauntingly hover
The chasm is deep
And seductive as a lover

To lose those words is just like a death
For the writer would leap
Not save his last breath

51 thoughts on “Losing Words

      1. I am totally absorbed when I read or write. Totally. I am oblivious to everything around me! It’s both wonderful and horrible. Wonderful in that it feels spectacular, but horrible because I feel terrible when people speak to me and I don’t even hear them.

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      2. Lol! I have an issue I’ve been working and working on. I can’t relax unless the core of my responsibilities are complete. Until the main things that are needed to keep the house and family running efficiently are crossed off the list, which would make those things priorities, I suppose. Problem is, the reading and writing I need to do to fill my well and feed my soul end up at the bottom of that list or not at all. I’m working on that.

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      3. Haha! Sort of like how the bump feature works on iPhone. I’ll bump you mine and you can bump me yours. Lol! Although bumping heads might hurt a little.

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      1. Ha ha, too true. Have you seen the Seinfeld where he’s trying the whole time to decipher what he wrote in the middle of the night? I’m the end he’s like, that’s not even funny! 😋

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    1. Ah, this is more about a writer losing the ability to write. Of course, there is an awful lot of foolish chatter. The world is in fact filled with idiotic noise, Cake. I mean damn the silence that signals the loss of inspiration, the blank screen, the empty page, the dried up inkwell. Same for the artist no longer able to paint…

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      1. Agreed, to a certain degree. I am thinking of Mishima who came to detest the constant need to re-interpret the world through the medium of words, the position of a detached observer. But then again he was a very strange person. maybe its a cultural thing but in no way can you ascribe his suicide as being the act of a depressive. He looked forward and planned the event.

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      2. One of your new books? I can imagine approaching death without depression. But it would have to be at the end of one’s achievements. A life used up, nothing left to do or see.

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  1. Beautifully expressed! I’ve lost some great ideas from not writing them down, but have saved just as many by putting them in my notes on my phone, yet still have written them out. 😉

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  2. OMG, yes to all of this! I always get ideas late at night or in the street, always at inappropriate times and I used to think: I’ll remember that…and then I didn’t and it DROVE ME MAD! So now, as soon as I get an idea it is typed up in the notes on my iPhone. Even at 3 or 4am. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve suddenly stopped walking in the street to do that too – people see me whip my phone out and probably think I’m a social media addict but I’m WRITING! Lol (and yes, sometimes those late night ideas that seem brilliant turn out to be complete shite in the light of day 🙂 )

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