The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 27: Robotic

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

As a big science fiction fan, I could have chosen any number of favorite robots (or androids) but I chose to draw a Dalek from Doctor Who. When I was a kid, I watched Tom Baker’s Doctor face off against these evil creatures – a living being controls the mechanical body – and was absolutely terrified by them. For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, I realize how silly that must seem. What’s so scary about a canister vacuum with a couple of plungers attached, right? Despite their rather ridiculous appearance,  only the Daleks threaten the very existence of the universe! Here is my mine:

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 23: Something Imaginary

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

In the next few weeks, the themes all seem to run toward the whimsical. I had to think ahead so I had enough ‘imaginary’ beings to choose from. I love the water, have seafarers in my heritage and can’t imagine living too very far from the sea. And so I give you something from my imagination: a mermaid, floating just below the surface!

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 22: Family Portrait

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

This week was difficult in oh so many ways… It was full of upheaval – we are dealing with a major household repair which has my backyard destroyed. And there are some things happening on a personal level that have me anxious and off kilter. The amount of time I wanted to devote to creating a family portrait just wasn’t there. However, I have something to post this week, a series of geometric figures I created using my late father-in-law’s drafting tools. The figures are some of the most calming and soothing things I draw. And though they aren’t a family portrait, there is a family connection.