The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 16: Musical Instrument

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

I love all kinds of music and what I listen to is largely dependent on my mood and whatever activity I’m engaged in. When I am writing I tend to listen to music without lyrics so as not to be distracted by ‘words’ –this means soft electronic music, jazz or classical. In that spirit, I chose to draw a violin for my challenge this week and to share a few minutes of one of my favorite pieces of violin music: Brahms Violin Sonata No. 3

The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 13: Signs

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

It was a lovely coincidence to have ‘signs‘ as the prompt for this week’s drawing challenge at the same time that Cee’s Black and White Challenge had ‘building and storefront signs’ for the photography theme. I decided to meld the two (sort of) and draw one of the photos I’m posting tomorrow. (Monochrome Monday)

I live just outside the small town of Sellersville in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Sellersville is along the Liberty Trail, the route by which the Liberty Bell was transported from Philadelphia to the Lehigh Valley for safekeeping, shortly before the British occupation of Philadelphia in 1777. On the Main Street of town, is the Washington House Restaurant and Hotel, and if you turn the corner onto Temple Avenue, you will find the Sellersville Theater –an old movie theater converted to a venue for live music in the 2000’s. They coordinate with one of the city’s Public Radio stations and bring all sorts of fantastic performers and artists to the town. So here is my drawing of The Sellersville Theater (and its signs) for this week’s challenge:

The Year of Drawing Adventurously – Week 4: four-legged friend

Following the chart for 52 drawings this year. As you can see, animal drawing is not going to be my forte! This is my cat, Brindle, so named for the ‘brindle’ colored coat she has. In the cat-world its called ‘tortoise-shell’. I promise she is not as grumpy as she looks. She’s actually very sweet and friendly.

Brindle was part of a ‘colony’ of feral cats I ‘adopted’ when we moved to our current home. It began with the Mama cat, who was quite the worse for wear when she appeared on our doorstep. Once she recovered her health, of course, she had kittens… and then MORE kittens. Not cool! Fortunately, there is a wonderful organization in the greater Philadelphia area called Forgotten Cats. They provide low cost spaying and neutering for feral/stray cats as well as initial vaccines. One of their volunteers provided me with 8 Have-a-Heart Traps and tins of cat food to help me catch the Cat family. Over the years, all but two have wandered off. Brindle has moved into the house with us and her sister, Pepper, who is still extremely skittish, lives on my back porch.