Wordless Wednesday – Pittsburgh 

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34 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Pittsburgh 

  1. Haven’t been to Pittsburgh since the late 80’s. Bunch of us roadtripped for a UofL-Pitt football game. I thought it was a pretty city though. I remember being surprised because I’d always envisioned it being industrial, Steel Belt, polluted. Wasn’t like that at all.

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      1. Yeah, it shattered any preconceived notion I had about it. Now that we are conference mates with Pitt again, may have to make another trip up there. Not a bad drive for us either, about 6 hours or so. They’re not in our division of the ACC though, so we don’t play them every year.

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  2. One of my favorite places. Freshman year went to Point Park College right near Point State Park. Literally lived in that Park once winter ended (like April…). Three Rivers, the Igloo. Good times. You know I’m already picking the Steelers. Don’t weigh the Andy Reid bye week record too heavily. Better to analyze his record in the postseason. All the appearances (here!) with only one Super Bowl. God, I’m getting nauseous just thinking of it. If you have any more Pitt pictures “hang” them anytime you like!

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    1. I should have done a post about the Christmas game! It was absolutely awesome! And you are right about Andy. He does choke at crunch time. I hope Ben’s leg isn’t a bigger deal than they’re making of it… We’re partying on Sunday with ‘pierogi fest’ – my friends and I are making pierogi from scratch in honor of Pitt!

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      1. Pierogi Fest 2017. Love it. Do a post on that to make up for the Christmas “omission.” (That was a very, very good game) Heck, Ben’s leg could be broken in two and he’d still be out there pitching. I have a guy who lives across from me who has his Steelers flag flying proudly. Looking forward to the weekend!

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