This is an ongoing fantasy of mine. I went so far as to buy a book that teaches you how to disappear. From last spring…

I want to be anonymous
I want to run away
Find a way to fake my death
Collect on the insurance policy

Travel somewhere sunny and warm
Where no one knows my name
Change my face, change my form
Ditch my regrets and shame

And sip a cold Dos Equis
On some pristine sandy beach
Cause my life is kinda empty
When you’re so far out of reach

61 thoughts on “Anonymous

  1. Oh Doc, I totally get this. I believe I could do it. But my wife would hunt my ass down if I left her to raise those boys alone. It wouldn’t end well for me. But man, I totally understand the sentiment. 😃

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      1. Yep. I feel like the Happiness Fairy or something some days. From my wife and kids to my patients to my animals, I have to make sure all are well and content and without need. I just want sand, sun, and surf! And a couple cases of Dos Equis wouldn’t hurt. 😃

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  2. Dos Equis, eh? Like Uno, Equis, Dos … only different. Each a way to escape the winter’s blahs … here we had the snowbirds, but alas, they have all flown south, some to Florida, some to Arizona, and many to Mexico. +8C here today and it has rained for two days. Much of our snow has compacted and some has gone. Just finished Red /13.

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    1. I used Dos Equis because Negro Modelo didn’t fit in the poem structure! Oh Roger, I’m so stressed out… I read your email last night late so haven’t had a chance to reply but thank you so much! You really made my night!

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    1. No! I remember the story though… I love the idea (obviously) of disappearing, getting a fresh start, creating a whole new identity and becoming someone completely different. I realize how that must sound… 😀

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  3. Meg, this is so deeply moving. I can definitely understand the appeal! I know I’m a highly sensitive person and am overwhelmed easily, both physically and emotionally, while also being a slow processor in some people’s eyes. That mix makes for some interesting times in a fast paced world when everyone needs something. It’s tough to manage!

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    1. I read it! Lol! The trouble is that it demands that you get completely off the grid. At the time it was written just a few years ago it would have been difficult… today I think it would be near impossible!

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      1. I don’t think this episode is in the movie, it’s kinda of unconnected with the main story, but it is a brilliant little fable. A woman comes into Sam Spades office, she wants him to her husband who disappeared some years back. For some reason I don’t recall it has suddenly become urgent, maybe insurance or she wants to marry again. Anyway they were happily married, he was a manager of some sort, member of the golf club, two kids, etc when one day he just vanished. Spade takes the job and tracks down the husband who is living in a different state and city under a new name. He is a manager, member of the golf club, married with two kids etc. Spade approaches him and he admits that it is him. He is sorry about the first wife as he was happily married with a good life, but one day while passing a building site he was almost killed by a falling girder and he saw the world for what it was and he decided there and then to disappear. He never regretted, even though he felt bad about the life he left behind, but at the end of the day he felt free. The ironies abound.

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      2. Hmm. Yes, seize the day. I understand that. Haven’t ever acted upon it but I understand wanting to. For some having a near death experience, it would drive the person to be grateful for all the things their life currently gives them. For others, it awakens them to the fact that life and time is slowly but steadily slipping away and if they don’t act soon the moment will be lost.

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      3. But he choose exactly the same life he left behind… whenever you think you are breaking out of the trap you become ensnared more deeply… the shattering of the mirage is just another mirage, illusion is replaced by a more convincing illusion.

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