Day Tripping…

A little whimsy for a dreary Saturday… From my 18-year old self.

A fish walked past me this morning
Whistling and nibbling a crust of bread
He wore a pirate captain’s hat
Moth-eaten, nearly falling off his head

‘What am I seeing?’ I silently marveled
‘Fish can’t survive outside of the sea’
And the sight of him was so preposterous
That I questioned my own sanity

I decided not to worry about it
The fish was in trouble if he was real
If the air of this world didn’t kill him
He’d become some kitty’s next meal

Forget it, I thought, sit down and relax
I’m hallucinating, but I’ll be fine
I shouldn’t have eaten those mushrooms
But they were so tempting in my garden

Artwork by Arthur Alex Lipsky, 2014

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