No New Tales To Tell

Week 40 in The Year Of Drinking Adventurously. Supposed to be Spanish Cider.

I am stymied at the fact that I couldn’t find this week’s potent potable. I tried the Fascist liquor store, I tried the beer distributor and I tried the Hateful Wegman’s. Not a whiff. Plenty of the other ciders around, which I could’ve tried but seeing as next week is cider part two, I decided to save the local/domestic offerings for then. Which leaves me high and dry. Pun intended.

I’m drinking a gimlet as I write this. Hendricks Gin, fresh squeezed lime juice and sugar cubes over ice. I’m staring at the sea. The sun is setting over my shoulders and I’m feeling mellow and relaxed. The hues of the sky are lavender and pale tangerine. There’s so much horizon in front of me that I can see the curve of the Earth. (Maybe not but let’s go with it anyway). Bottom line? Not much writing going on right now. Maybe the burning brain is finally reduced to coals. I hope I find some fuel to stoke the fire…

And I hope Lula got this one done.

60 thoughts on “No New Tales To Tell

      1. Yes, and it was very good. A huge departure of the lollipop sweetness we enjoy stateside when it comes to ciders (and wines). But, if you really want to get your socks blown away, try any of the ciders by Le Père Jules from Normandy. In particular, I recommend the Brut, which is by far the best dry cider I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll find out if they still carry Sidra del Verano around here.

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      1. Looks as though the projected track changed a bit. Haiti now then up coast of Florida. Won’t be near the Carolinas til later in the week, but it appears it could impact y’all. When are y’all set to check out?

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      2. Y’all should be good if you’re leaving Saturday. Likely up that way Saturday or Sunday, and being a Cat 2 or 3 at that point. Y’all should have some killer surf by Thursday or Friday though. Break out the surf boards! But be careful. 😃

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    1. Thank you, Mia! I’m vacationing in the Outer Banks of NC this week. It’s been wonderful so far. Although now we’re watching the hurricane churn through the Caribbean with great trepidation. It may mean cutting things short, unfortunately. C’est la vie….

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      1. Well aren’t you just the suave traveler! I’ll drink almost anything else so we’re good. 😄😋 I’m packing right now! 😉

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    1. I know it must seem like I’m on perpetual vacation recently… it’s just weird timing with what’s been planned being so close to the impromptu Ireland trip. This trip is sucking away all my creative juices though and it’s creeping me out a little. Like what if I can’t get it back… it feels gone. And I could cry.

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  1. Great local cider here in Fredericton; Red Rover is my favorite, but there are others. As for Spanish cider … La Asturiana and La Escanciadora are two of my favorites (again,there are others!). And never forget … the young lady from Clyde, who ate a bad apple and died. The parson lamented, the apple fermented, and made cider inside her inside. Sorry, Meg, now you’ve got me started. I hope I don’t have another night like last night!

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    1. Oh my word! What have I done?!? That’s fantastic! I’m sorry I couldn’t find any of the recommended ciders… I’ve had Irish cider and local brands but never the Spanish ciders. I’m so disappointed! Well meanwhile I hope you get some sleep!

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    1. Hahaha! It’s more about the stupid liquor laws in the state of Pennsylvania! And ‘Hateful’ Wegman’s is a massive confusing grocery store that for its size has a lousy selection of goods! Glad you enjoyed it!

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  2. I have tried Spanish cider, when in Northern Spain (surprise, surprise), but as I’m not really a fan of cider anyway, the fact that it tasted just the same as English cider probably carries little weight!

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