Drawing Adventurously (17)

With summer waning and school about to start, this next week or two might be your last chance to get away on a vacation. We haven’t taken a break this year thanks to the move. Now that things are settling down, we hope to go to a beach somewhere – something that looks like this:

A Year of Drawing Adventurously (17) Theme

A biweekly challenge for a total of 26 drawings this year.

We’re halfway through August and the end of summer is approaching quickly. Soon the kids will be back in school and the days will turn colder. If you haven’t already gone, these next two weeks will likely be your last chance to take [this week’s theme] …


No New Tales To Tell

Week 40 in The Year Of Drinking Adventurously. Supposed to be Spanish Cider.

I am stymied at the fact that I couldn’t find this week’s potent potable. I tried the Fascist liquor store, I tried the beer distributor and I tried the Hateful Wegman’s. Not a whiff. Plenty of the other ciders around, which I could’ve tried but seeing as next week is cider part two, I decided to save the local/domestic offerings for then. Which leaves me high and dry. Pun intended.

I’m drinking a gimlet as I write this. Hendricks Gin, fresh squeezed lime juice and sugar cubes over ice. I’m staring at the sea. The sun is setting over my shoulders and I’m feeling mellow and relaxed. The hues of the sky are lavender and pale tangerine. There’s so much horizon in front of me that I can see the curve of the Earth. (Maybe not but let’s go with it anyway). Bottom line? Not much writing going on right now. Maybe the burning brain is finally reduced to coals. I hope I find some fuel to stoke the fire…

And I hope Lula got this one done.