Marathon – a Limerick

Your muscles may ache, but you’re not complaining
You run in the heat and when its hard raining
Through the downpour you dash
Through the puddles you splash
All for the sake of your marathon training

This photo by Dominik Martin is the prompt for this week’s Mind and Life Matters limerick poetry challenge.

41 thoughts on “Marathon – a Limerick

      1. I love hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, road cycling, swimming, surfing. But running for the sake of running? Hate it. When I was playing sports growing up, I never minded the running associated with playing the game, but running laps in practice was like hell to me. Guess I never got over that. 😃

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      2. I wasn’t great at team sports (not skilled with the bat or the hockey stick and too uncoordinated for basketball) but I ran track and cross country. Because all you needed was your feet!

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      3. Hahaha! I sucked at basketball too. I played baseball and football through my junior year and golf all four years of high school. Had to quit most sports so I could work my senior year though. All good though. I wasn’t gonna get an atheletic scholarship anyway, that’s for sure. 😃

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      1. I run about 4 miles at a time, quite slowly, lol. I was a sprinter in school but I’m not fast anymore. I prefer to lift weights but I’m thinking about trying to run longer distances. But after 45 minutes I’m soooo bored. 😋

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      2. I’m like that dog in Up with audiobooks. I’m a visual person and they just don’t hold my attention. I’m too in my head and my mind wanders, lol. But it is a good idea. On lifting weights- get a cute trainer. 😉 That’s my secret!

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      1. I’d be deceiving if I said it was all running! I started walking. I had a lot to lose. Still have a little (although my body seems not understand that!).

        Have a great evening!

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