True Love’s Kiss


Through the storm, on wings I’d fly
To find my true love, sure I’d try
And though I’d know not where to go,
My true love’s heart would guide me so
And when I’d find her, then we’d promise
Our love for life, sealed with a kiss…

Because in my head I’m 14….

Thanks to all the fangirls of Captain Swan on Tumblr 

62 thoughts on “True Love’s Kiss

      1. I think I watched the first and part of the second. I really like Rumplestiltskin. Or however you spell that, lol. That Colin guy is pretty adorable.

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      1. I’m well also. A little tired, but that’s just my body adjusting to a new schedule (and long overdue for a vacation 😁). TGIF!!!

        Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs 🌷

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