Flash back: Angsty teenage poetry 3

If I didn’t tell you, I bet you’d never guess that I pulled this out of a decades old notebook.  I don’t remember exactly what inspired this poem, but it certainly stood the test of time. I was 14 when I wrote it.



Soldiers fight on the sandy plain

So long a war, they’ve forgotten the cause

A generation gone insane

Ripped by the teeth of battle’s jaws


The only sounds are sighs and groans

Live and die with blood on their hands

And children born in battle zones

Become victims of marauding bands


Through ruined cities, the hot wind blows

Crumbling monuments of a culture once grand

Only the stones and fallen walls know

What started the slaughter out on the sand

27 thoughts on “Flash back: Angsty teenage poetry 3

  1. Wow! You had such a healthy imagination at 14. Truly, if you hadn’t said so, I wouldn’t have guessed. You really did well keeping them all these years. It’s now that I wish I had kept my journals better. They would have made an interesting read. I do wonder what inspired these thoughts then.

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