Painting (33) Bright Poppies, Dark Field

Poppies have become a favorite subject to paint. I’d love to plant them in my garden [if I’m ever able to get out to a garden center this year] but in the meantime, I can at least adorn my walls with them. It’s said the poppies grew more abundantly on the soil where the soldiers fell on the Western Front during the Great War. So while they are a symbol of remembrance, they also remind us of how the earth heals itself. From the ravished earth springs forth new life. We see how nature is taking a deep breath while we have lowered our impact on it. The air is fresher, the waterways are cleaner and the birds seem to be singing more loudly. A bright spot, if you will, during this dark time. Here are my Bright Poppies in a Dark Field:

23 thoughts on “Painting (33) Bright Poppies, Dark Field

  1. Those are so lovely, Meg! Last summer I got to enjoy some extensive fields of poppies near Brigham City, Utah. Many others there taking photos, too. I planted some in a new garden last fall and they are all coming up now. I do hope they’ll “take”!

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    1. Thank you! That sounds wonderful! I think my gardening will be reserved for the fall this year anyway. So I’m glad it’s a good time to plant. And I hope I can find some poppies!

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  2. The seeds lie dormant for an eternity just waiting for the soil to be churned up and for a little light to warm them up. They then burst forth to spread joy and goodwill. Chances are, if you dig up a small area that has not been cultivated for ages and just leave it, you will get poppies. Do it soon though!
    Love the painting by the way.

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  3. “A bright spot during this dark time”, indeed. Lovely paintings, Meg! Beautiful blog and words, as well. Specially these: “We see how nature is taking a deep breath while we have lowered our impact on it”. I love to see how people brings up this subject on how nature is daring to be free after all the damage we’ve done.

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