Drawing Adventurously (20)

This is two days late AND I’ve had a very busy week and no time to draw. I started my ‘down on the farm’ drawing but it’s far from finished. Alas, I’m posting a couple of older drawings which fulfill the theme. My favorite ones of course are Beach’s donkeys Ticky and Tacky!

Painting (21) Baobab Tree at Dusk

No new fiction today. My week has been filled with realtors, township supervisors, paperwork and heartburn. I cannot write under the kind of stress I was under this week. However, drawing and painting always soothes my troubled soul, so I escaped to my subterranean lair and picked up my brushes.

This painting is inspired by a photograph of a baobab tree in Zimabwe, taken with long exposure just as the stars were coming out at night.