Springtime In Ireland

The lambs and their mams are out in the fields around us. I’m grateful we live outside of the city and can still walk the country roads for exercise and fresh air. Here are some of the little ones living right in our neighbor hood. And after that a shot of the gorgeous sunsets we’ve been enjoying lately. Best wishes from County Galway. ❤️

22 thoughts on “Springtime In Ireland

  1. Oh,how gorgeous! The lambs and sheep are adorable! I especially like the ones with black faces and feet. Glad you are able to get outdoors a bit. We are doing walks around the neighborhood too and it’s so nice, when it’s not raining, of course! Stay safe and well, my friend ❤️

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  2. Lovvvvely.

    Still surprises me when I see the difference in lighting of your photos compared with pre-move, obviously they look much more ‘normal’ to me but it’s not like those posted from the US looked abnormal, just that you can tell their from a different part of the globe.

    However, having said that, when I’ve been in the US it’s also felt “normal”.

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      1. I’m sure it is! He’s been spotted out getting his shopping in. The Irish aren’t easily star struck, apparently, so he’s mostly been left alone!


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