I don’t feel like writing because…

…because I don’t feel like talking about Covid-19. It feels like everything has stopped and the things that are going on are spoken of and written about in relation to the virus and the measures affecting them. At the same time, it feels trivial to try to write about what I’m working on while ignoring the pandemic altogether, or writing about my activities in the context of how to keep busy while quarantined. Or should I say self isolation. I don’t want to give ‘let’s think positive’ advice, I don’t want to trivialize this epically serious disease, and I don’t want to tell you how I can’t seem to concentrate on anything for more than 15 minutes because of the low level dread I’m feeling.

But here I am anyway, just writing a little note to say hello. I send my best wishes for everyone’s health, safety and sanity for the duration. We’re doing ok in Ireland, so far. The government is being proactive and the people for the most part are following the rules. There, that’s all I’m going to say about it. My 15 minutes are up and I can’t pay attention any more.

31 thoughts on “I don’t feel like writing because…

  1. We are asked to stay at home in IL, most things are closed except grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants for take out. It’s a strange time but not unheard of in history. Feels like wartime here from what I’ve read about it. I guess polio quarantines were as frightening back in the 40s and early 50s. Wonder what our new normal will be? Stay safe and well ❤️

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    1. Yes, very strange indeed. Most everything is closed here too. The places that are open have limits on how many people can be inside at the same time. The super market is the highlight of my week. Oy…. You stay safe too Dee! ❤️❤️

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    1. Thank you, Don. Hope all is well with you! I haven’t been around much but I haven’t known what to say either. Best regards to you and yours!


  2. Thanks for your message, Meg. You have perfectly described, on two paragraphs, the way I am feeling. So many people seem busy or taking advantage of being at home but I can’t concentrate on things. Needs and priorities change and I am trying to take things one day at the time here in London. Take care. – Beatriz

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    1. One day at a time is all we can do for the moment. I think everyone is coping in their own way – I wish I could make good use of the time but my self discipline is in short supply. Best wishes, Beatriz. Stay safe and sound.

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  3. I’m so with you. I’m just trying to focus on what’s right in front of me as much as I can. Practicing all the safe measures, etc, but otherwise trying to ignore because I feel like I’m going to lose my mind otherwise. Please write us some fiction if you can. ❤ We need an escape!

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    1. Thanks JR. wishing you the best. I want to write…. just having trouble concentrating at the moment. I am limiting how much I read the news. It can become obsessive even when there really isn’t anything new to report! Stay safe! Wishing you the best! ❤️

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      1. I’m the same! I’ve never spent so much time on social media. But by the volume of posts it looks like everyone else is doing the same thing!

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      1. Better to be safe! We are fortunate to live in an age of technology … it’s not the same as human contact but it’s better than being completely isolated!

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  4. I know what you mean. And I think we all deserve to be as distracted as we need to be. I’ve got the concentration of a tit mouse right now, and haven’t worked at all on my novel-in-progress. A novelist friend had some great advice: to write like another writer, if you can, at this time. That worked for me. I wrote a couple essays–and I’m not an essayist. I do love the blogging world right now for allowing us to check in and connect, without the need for fully-formed works of art. You’re right to do what you can and say only what you feel you need to!

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    1. Thanks Rebecca! I’ve been enjoying the birds too. I’m not familiar with the varieties I’m seeing and hearing. And they are waking me up before sunrise!! And I’m working with he help of a website to try and identify all the unfamiliar birdsong! Stay safe and I’m glad to hear you’re keeping busy! ❤️

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  5. We’ve been required to self-quarantine here in Malaysia for about two months now, and it’s still not over. During this time, I’ve found myself wanting to write more, but my focus hasn’t really been all there. Thanks for sharing and stay safe!

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    1. Thank you Stuart. We’re just beginning to ease up here in Ireland. I guess the extra time doesn’t automatically translate into productivity. But I think in these extraordinary times we can be forgiven. Best wishes to you as well!


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