A Year Of Drawing Adventurously (11) Theme

My feathered friends are a favorite subject for drawing and photography. I am fortunate to have a wonderful variety of birds in my back yard so the choices for this week’s drawing challenge will be many. I hope you enjoy drawing:


4 thoughts on “A Year Of Drawing Adventurously (11) Theme

  1. Meg,

    In Sunday’s 4M post I slipped in my art contribution and I even mentioned your bi-weekly meme in Thursday’s post. I’m MIA in Blogosphere on the weekends generally & this is a long holiday one so I won’t be back until early Tuesday morning. I’ll make my rounds at that time. Have a safe Memorial weekend!

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      1. You’re welcome, Meg! I’m not sure how your art meme works since I do not see a link up but for anyone interested can visit me HERE for a peek at my bird choice, close to the bottom of my post, for this prompt. Have a great week and thanks for allowing me to join in the fun!

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      2. My pleasure! I’ve been sorta casual about the challenge, but anyone wanting to join in can just link to the theme post for the week and I’ll be sure to see it!


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