Painting (22) Abstraction distraction

My life feels like chaos at the moment and I find myself unable to concentrate on anything longer than a short story or a poem. The other day I began a painting that was supposed to be a landscape and I botched it. In a fit of frustration, I covered the ruined canvas with black paint and started grabbing colors at random and dabbing them on. This is the result. I kinda like it –it looks like my mind feels right now.

“We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents.” – Bob Ross

48 thoughts on “Painting (22) Abstraction distraction

      1. I mean it, it’s gorgeous, love the colors. I like to do abstract, I am an artist, my mediums are wartercolor and acrylics, I quit oils long ago, too messy and it takes to long to dry. One day I will put up some of my art. ❤

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      2. Wonderful! I chose to start out with acrylics since most everyone agrees they are the easiest for beginners. One day I’d like to try oil but not till I have a little more confidence. I do hope you post your work! ❤️

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      3. I can’t really do both at the same time either. But usually painting or drawing helps me relax and then maybe inspiration to write will arise from it. Or not! 😜 I’m really stuck right now, actually.

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  1. It reminds me of water temperature maps put out by NOAA that weather yahoos on the TV sometimes show. The light blues represent one water temperature and the dark blues represent another. Maybe La Meg and Le Meg instead of La Nina and Le Nina. Maybe your sub-conscious was saying “I want a bath tonight. The brownish rust colors represent the northern and south hemispheres. They’re almost the right shapes.

    Life is mildly controlled chaos with bits of mayhem tossed in at random occasions to spice things up.

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    1. That’s the cool thing about abstract art… everyone sees something different in it! I like that: the water temperature map. And a bath sounds great! Wish I had one of those big old claw foot tubs. Mine slowly leaks so all baths are rather a waste of water! 😜


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