When We Were Beautiful

My old friend, do you remember?
How hours rolled away slowly
Like the swash on a calm, clear day
As if we had all the time in the world
Summers full of sunlight
The sweet smell of heat and salt in the air
With unheavy hearts and unburdened minds
Sand between our brightly painted toes
Leaving fleeting footprints in the strand
Sunburned skin cooling to a tan
Beneath gauzy cotton dresses
Hanging lightly on our gazelle bodies
While the breeze tousled our tresses
Streaked with copper and gold
There were pretty boys we loved so desperately
But soon forgotten when the seasons changed
How easily broken hearts mended
When we were butterflies flitting in the wind
Yes I remember…
And I smile as I see what we’ve become
But now we will have fun again
Like we did when we were beautiful

51 thoughts on “When We Were Beautiful

    1. Thanks, Beach! Thatโ€™s one of my own pics. I am feeling nostalgic and craving warm weather, especially after you mentioned Key West the other day! Suns out today at least!

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  1. Wow, Meg!! This is such an awesome post!! Your words so beautifully painted days from long ago – When We Were Beautiful!!! Yes, time did seem to move much slower in those days! So happy to find you! Came off a reblog from my Friend Holly Hunter – Lucky Me!!!

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