The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 27: Robotic

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

As a big science fiction fan, I could have chosen any number of favorite robots (or androids) but I chose to draw a Dalek from Doctor Who. When I was a kid, I watched Tom Baker’s Doctor face off against these evil creatures – a living being controls the mechanical body – and was absolutely terrified by them. For those of you unfamiliar with Doctor Who, I realize how silly that must seem. What’s so scary about a canister vacuum with a couple of plungers attached, right? Despite their rather ridiculous appearance,  only the Daleks threaten the very existence of the universe! Here is my mine:

18 thoughts on “The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 27: Robotic

  1. I always thought of the Daleks as upside down garbage cans, the plastic type, of course, decorated with tennis balls cut in half. The plungers were an interesting touch that I thought as pure silliness. The only mildly frightening thing about them was their voice.

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    1. Haha! Yes!!! That is a perfect description! It’s a British science fiction tv show that has been on the air since 1963 – it’s older than I am! There was a hiatus in the 1990’s but it came back on the air in 2006. The Dalek was definitely the first ‘robot’ that came to my mind! Thank you!


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