Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography (21)

This week, I didn’t have any good photos for Cee’s Black and White Challenge theme, but the wildflowers are in full bloom and I snapped a couple pics along my walk. Both of these shots are scenes I’m planning on painting, in color of course, but they make interesting monochrome images, too. See the flying insect I captured in the first one? Good timing!

13 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography (21)

  1. Lovely photos! It will be interestibg to see how your paintings turn out in color. The second one looks difficult and the first one should look very pretty with yellow flowers ( they will be yellow, right?).

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    1. Thank you! Yes, those are brown-eyed Susans – yellow flowers with brown centers. The other one is Queen Anne’s lace – a white flower which some might consider a weed but I think is really pretty! That one might be more of an ‘Impressionist’ style painting 😃

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