Painting (15) Abstract Forest

I wanted to experiment with something a little different – an abstract piece. However, I didn’t want to just smear paint on canvas and call it a day. This will sound a little mad, but I dreamt about painting the night before and how it could be done. I started with an underpainting of unbleached titanium and a tiny bit of black which almost looked like aged stucco when I was finished. (I should have taken a photo, duh.)

Then I used three colors: Cadmium orange, Phthalo green and Dioxazine purple which I squeezed from the tube directly onto the canvas. Next I used a technique I learned from watching a video on how to paint like Willem de Kooning. (Not that this is in his style, but that I used a palette knife to remove paint and expose the underpainting in places.) This is the result:

In the Forest ~ acrylic on 16×20 canvas

19 thoughts on “Painting (15) Abstract Forest

  1. Super cool, Doc! I love this one! J uses her palette knife a lot too, I’ve noticed. She’s got a jar of “tools” that are anything but paint brushes. It’s fascinating to watch her do her thing with other items and come up with a different texture. Very malleable medium. 😃

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    1. Thank you! I’m really pleased with the result, too! I’m enjoying playing around with the art supplies so much! 😃 I’ll have to try some other ‘tools’ and see what sort of effects I can create. Such great fun!

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  2. That is really neat! It almost glows. And the verticle stripes on the right side almost stand out. Take ordinary household items ( an old fork, part of the tread of an old pair of sneakers, or even a flower) and add them to your “tools”. I don’t really go in for art, but I know what I like, and I ***REALLY**** like this

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    1. Thanks, Tom! I am picky about abstract art, myself … I like it to have some kind of construction. I am so glad you like it! I will play around with some other techniques in the future, I’m sure!

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