Small Cuts (13) James

To find links to all parts of this story, please visit the Small Cuts Page. Now back to James.

My gaze shifted from my reflection in the rearview mirror as the car passing my house suddenly sped up. Could my eyes have been deceiving me? That looked just like Oliver’s car. I watched the driver turn the corner, barely pausing at he stop sign at the end of the block. With a second look, I was positive it was Oliver. And that could only mean one thing —he was coming to my house, while I wasn’t home, to be with my wife.  

I hit the gas and made the turn to follow him. I expected the silver Volvo to circle the block and return to my street but it continued out to the boulevard. What was Oliver up to? Maybe he saw me. I slowed and put some distance between us but not so much that I would lose him. 

At each intersection where he could make the turn to go back to my neighborhood, he continued on. This didn’t make any sense. If Oliver was heading into Center City —the way he appeared to be— there was absolutely no reason for him to have driven past my house. In fact, it was in the opposite direction from the route he should have taken from his own home. Once we were on the expressway, I had no way to easily turn around and so I figured on seeing this through. Perhaps when I discovered exactly where Oliver was going, his detour would be explained.

My initial reaction —shock and anger— had given way to confusion and doubt. Would Elaine really do this to me? Would Oliver? My wife and my best friend. This wasn’t the kind of thing I ever expected to happen to me. This happened to other people. I blew out a breath. Ok, maybe it wasn’t really happening. Oliver must have had some other reason to be on my street. He obviously wasn’t in a hurry. He’d been staying relatively close to the speed limit the whole way. Finally, he put his turn signal on and merged into the left lane to take the Vine Street Expressway. I stayed a few car lengths back. 

He took the first exit onto Broad street, heading south. This could get tricky. Following in city traffic was much more difficult than on the highway. Nevertheless, I managed to keep up as he wound his way over to Rittenhouse Square. I slowed as the silver Volvo pulled into the parking garage of The Park Hotel. A breakfast meeting? With a client maybe? Had to be. Although it still didn’t explain what he was doing driving past my house on the way. 

I glanced at the time. Damn. I was really going to be late for the golf outing. I would definitely miss the buffet breakfast but if I hurried, I could be there for tee time. I drove around the square planning to retrace my route and found myself in the wrong lane for the expressway. I passed the on ramp and merged into the right lane so I wouldn’t miss the next one. Of course, everything goes wrong when you’re already late. I took the next on ramp and immediately realized it was the eastbound expressway which would take me back to center city. Now I’d have to circle around a second time. I hit the gas and prepared to merge with traffic. I never saw the other car change lanes. 

Philadelphia Skyline Image via Flickr

33 thoughts on “Small Cuts (13) James

      1. Well at this point I think its just going to be a long short story or a short novella. I don’t want to stretch it out past the point where it’s exciting!

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  1. I love how you’ve tied this to the last post. I’m really enjoying the multiple perspective thing. Do you have notes or something to keep it all straight so there aren’t any inconsistencies? Seems like a lot to keep track of! I’ve told a story in the third person providing two people’s thoughts at various times in the story, but I think I’d screw something up with what you’re doing!

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    1. I’ve left a few clues along the way… I’ve had to keep referring back to the other segments to make sure I’m not screwing it up. If this was a novel I’d be making a timeline spreadsheet to keep track. This story really wasn’t planned and I kinda let the ideas come as I wrote and now the finale is looming and I don’t want to drag it out past it’s natural conclusion!

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  2. Oh Meg, I gasped when I read, “And that could only mean one thing —he was coming to my house, while I wasn’t home, to be with my wife.” The plot thickens as suspicions are starting to be realized. I love the way you’re pulling everything together. And your final line is terrific, “I never saw the other car change lanes.” You weave such a delightful tangled web. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  3. Great ending. I agree, this would make fantastic novel. The multiple viewpoints is fascinating along with misunderstanding and miscommunication. It reminds me a bit of Shakespeare plays with all these thoughts of certain characters and misunderstandings. I’m thinking of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ but in a conceptual resemblance.

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    1. I thought it would be interesting and informative to give the perspectives to all the characters. So often we judge by hearing only one side of the story. This way you see how mistakes are being made by all of them and in a way it makes us sympathize with each one for a different reason! Thank you again!

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