The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 17: Favorite Animal

Following the chart to 52 drawings this year.

I love animals but they are hard to draw. So far the best animal drawing I’ve done is of my friend Son of a Beach’s donkeys Ticky and Tacky. I was really tempted to cheat and use that drawing for the challenge. However, I am drawing every week so as to improve, thus recycling an old drawing doesn’t help. I have both a dog and a cat for pets and I drew my cat for the ‘four legged friend’ challenge and ‘pets’ is an upcoming challenge so I’ll save the dog for that week. What’s my next favorite animal? The adorable and ever so clever SQUIRRELS!!!!

Bonus … Here are Ticky and Tacky too:

37 thoughts on “The Year Of Drawing Adventurously – Week 17: Favorite Animal

    1. The French word for it is pretty hard to get your chops around as well, ” écureuil “, and I’ve heard that it’s tricky for a native Francophone to pronounce ” squirrel “.

      Anyway, I digress, lots to like about that squirrel drawing Meg 😀

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      1. Thanks so much Steve! To me that looks like it would be pronounced “ee cure ee ool” 😂 is it “eh kyur eel” ?


    1. That’s how I got back into drawing. I had an idea for a kids’ book! It’s written but it needs revision and some more material – it’s only at 6,000 words. For a middle grade book, I think it should be in the 12,000 – 15,000 range. Anyway, thank you very much for your kind words!

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  1. That squirrel looks so busy eating! I love his fluffy tail too. Ticky n tacky are awesome, it actually looks like a painting not a drawing. And i am finding new surprises about you every time – a kid’s story book in the making! That is my dream too. Actually i want to write several stories to make a collection of sorts – don’t know if it will happen – but i simply love kids and can spend any amount of time with them!

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    1. Thank you! That’s wonderful – you should illustrate your stories, too! Mine needs major revision before its ready. I never seem to get back to it.

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      1. Someday i might. I hope. You are a busy person doing multi tasking all the time and that is the reason you have not found time for this. By tge way, what do you enjoy most, writing, photography or painting? And which do you consider more difficult comparatively?

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      2. Photography is the least time consuming of the three, so I’d say its the easiest. That’s not to say every photo is going to be a winner, however. The nice thing about digital photography is the ability to take many many shots without having to worry about the cost of developing film! And you can use the filters on the computer to adjust the light and contrast and so forth. I am new to painting – I’m basically teaching myself by trial and error. I absolutely love it though. So far, by keeping by subject matter on the simple side, it hasn’t been too time consuming either. Writing is by far the most involved of the three endeavors. Especially because writing is more than just putting the story together. The editing and revising takes even more time than writing the first draft. I do love telling a story though… Anyway, I have to say writing is the most complex of the the three.

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      3. I agree. My take is, in photography the quality of a camera is important. If it’s good, then half the job is done. you only need some imagination and skill, a good subject, proper lighting and that is it. Painting is trickier – you need to learn it by using different mediums, colors and some shading effects. I guess portrait painting is by far difficult than say, landscapes. You need to get the facial features right and you cannot distract the viewer with other things like the background, the sky , or other objects as in a scenery. Correct me if i am wrong here as i do not know much about painting. You do really well for an amateur. Writing stories requires a lot of imagination, a good storyline, clarity of thought and a style of your own, apart from a lot of patience in drafting, redrafting, editing etc. I can attempt a short story but a novel, never! I’d lose interest after some time. i totally agree that it is the most difficult of the three and time consuming but i am sure the joy of holding your published book in your hands is precious! I really admire you for doing all these!

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      4. Thank you Premsa! You are right about landscape painting versus portrait painting, and even painting smaller objects and structures! I need to practice those sorts of subjects. For now I’ve been painting with acrylic paint but eventually I’d like to try oils. Acrylic paint dries really quickly and forces you to work fast – not always ideal depending on what you’re trying to paint! As for the writing, short stories might be a stepping stone to writing a novel, you never know! Thank you again for your kind words!

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      5. Thanks Meg for the encouraging words. It has inspired me to write. By the way, my name is prema which means love in sanskrit. ☺

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  2. Both the drawings are really good Meg. I agree animals are very hard to draw. That’s something I’ve never touched upon. You have done a brilliant job there, Meg. 😀

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