Photography – Black and White (1)

I am switching dance partners for my photography posts. I’ve been enjoying looking at everyone else’s “Color Your World” photos, but finding seven photos to post for the week was stressing me out. And I know I could’ve picked just one color and posted a photo, but I’m slightly Obsessive Compulsive about stuff like that so I knew I’d never be able to choose just one! You have no idea how guilty I feel bailing on this but….

My purpose for taking up a photography challenge was to learn how to take better shots, with the hope of using them for blog posts, and maybe even to accompany my published works of fiction. I’m thinking of using one of my own pieces as the cover art for my forthcoming novel, in fact. However, I found myself scouring the archives for photos I already had just to meet the color requirements, which totally defeats the purpose. So with that in mind, I thought a single photo challenge for the week would be more reasonable for me to achieve. I’ve decided on Cee’s Black and White Challenge because I love the artistry of black and white photography with it’s light and shadows, it’s heights and depths. And since Cee posts her theme on Thursdays, I will be relocating my ‘Foto Friday’ to another day with another title (as yet to be decided). So as not to skip a week, I’m posting for the theme from last Thursday before the next week’s challenge begins!

And finally, I spent some time learning a little about the camera I bought just before the holidays – the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. Now that I’ve figured out some of the settings, I’m excited to experiment. Here is my first attempt for the theme:


34 thoughts on “Photography – Black and White (1)

  1. I also get tired of reading these crayon-inspired materials and often skip viewing them. Sometimes too much of a thing is really too much of it.

    I appreciate the black and white–thanks.

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    1. Thank you, Cee! I’m really looking forward to participating in this challenge. I hope to improve my skills and learn the techniques of better photography!


    1. Its automatic settings are awesome. I’m trying to learn some of the manual techniques- like for night photos and shots in low light. But I love the camera! And thank you for kind words!


    1. Thanks, Robert! I love black and white photography as well. It’s just one of my many creative pursuits! I’ll be along to see your IG shortly! And thanks for stopping by!


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