The Year of Drawing Adventurously – Week 4: four-legged friend

Following the chart for 52 drawings this year. As you can see, animal drawing is not going to be my forte! This is my cat, Brindle, so named for the ‘brindle’ colored coat she has. In the cat-world its called ‘tortoise-shell’. I promise she is not as grumpy as she looks. She’s actually very sweet and friendly.

Brindle was part of a ‘colony’ of feral cats I ‘adopted’ when we moved to our current home. It began with the Mama cat, who was quite the worse for wear when she appeared on our doorstep. Once she recovered her health, of course, she had kittens… and then MORE kittens. Not cool! Fortunately, there is a wonderful organization in the greater Philadelphia area called Forgotten Cats. They provide low cost spaying and neutering for feral/stray cats as well as initial vaccines. One of their volunteers provided me with 8 Have-a-Heart Traps and tins of cat food to help me catch the Cat family. Over the years, all but two have wandered off. Brindle has moved into the house with us and her sister, Pepper, who is still extremely skittish, lives on my back porch.

38 thoughts on “The Year of Drawing Adventurously – Week 4: four-legged friend

  1. Sometimes ferals can be terrific. All of the cats we’ve had have been feral. If they stick around, they’re really great cats. Including the latest addition of wildman. We have clinic that does discounted fixing as well. It’s called the Snip Clinic. 😃😃

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    1. That is terrific! This is the first cat I’ve been able to keep, since I was a kid anyway. H always claimed to be allergic…. turns out you can get over it after they stick around for a while! 😃

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      1. Ya’ know, I used to be really allergic too. When I was a kid, my grandparents had two cats. Literally, within minutes of walking in the door, I’d be snotty with itchy eyes and sneezing. They don’t bother me anymore, so I guess you can outgrow allergies. 😃

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      1. You aren’t either, Simon! No worries! I think I’ve accidentally (or WP gremlins…) unfollowed you. Remedying that presently! 😊❤️


  2. Brindle sounds like a character. Our family dog was allergic to ragweed, pollen, grass, and dogs. Not kidding either. My brother Allan was allergic to dogs when we got Corky (Dec 26 1964). Allan grew out the allergy by the time he was 20.

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    1. Thank you Cameron! I try my best!

      Ah, I’m not sure I am going to be an animal portraitist but the challenge has several entries so I’ll get to practice! 😝


  3. Hi Meg, well you obviously like challenges. I’ve looked at the chart and I think this is a pretty amazing idea and is likely to ‘improve’ your artistic skills. Love the story behind your Brindle drawing too. Lx

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    1. Thank you. I hope so! I tend to draw the same kinds of subjects over and over so following the challenge will broaden my scope at least! Yes, Brindle is a lovely addition to our household! 🙏😺


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