Sunday Sketch – Tear

Seems appropriate today.

Sketch my own. Drawing a tear:



41 thoughts on “Sunday Sketch – Tear

  1. The Cason de Guernica in Madrid had the pre-sketches for Picasso’s Guernica, including all the different combinations of eye shapes, tear shapes, and color combinations … it was fascinating to see all those variations and what emotional effects they drew out. “The eye you see is not an eye because you see it: it’s an eye because it sees you.” Antonio Machado. “El ojo que ves no es ojo porque lo ves, es ojo porque te ve.”

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    1. Oh wow! That must have been amazing! Mr. Cake has me reading Blake… “This life’s dim window of the soul Distorts the heavens from pole to pole, And leads you to believe a lie When you see with, not through, the eye.” Anyway, the eye is one of my favorite things to draw.

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      1. It was great. I have the catalogue and look at it regularly. 58 drawings and paintings leading up to Guernica. I think they are now t the Reina Sofia in Madrid. previously they were in a single museum up by the Retiro (that’s where I saw them, long ago).

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      2. That’s great. DQII is the moment when literature as we knew it takes a great step forward. After the ten year delay (1605-1615), Cervantes no longer has any doubts about the direction of his writing and he knows exactly what he wants to do. DQII offers us the perspective of fictional characters who refer to a real book (DQI) in a real world. This makes them real in a way we have never before seen. This then becomes the start of self-referring literature, a literature that mirrors reality through its own definition and establishment of self. From now on, DQ, staring with Sanson Carrasco, will keep meeting characters who have read his book and can refer directly to it.

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      3. I don’t remember delving into that aspect when we read it in school. It’s possible we didn’t read the novel in it’s entirety now that I think back… Anyway, I’m enjoying it very much!

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