Photography (like I need another hobby)

As you might recall, (even though it’s been a while since I posted anything) I’ve been trying my hand at art in the form aof pencil drawing and charcoal sketching. As I started, I found out how much better my sketches came out when I copied a photograph rather than just coming up with something out of my head. Of course, the logical outcome of that kind of thing is that I need good photographs to copy, which means either swiping images from the internet or finding interesting subject matter to photograph on my own. Which then means getting a good camera. Way to make a short story long, Sorick… Bottom line: I bought a Sony ICLE 6000 interchangeable lens camera. Here are some of my practice photos:

52 thoughts on “Photography (like I need another hobby)

      1. Hahaha! Those will be fine too.

        By the way, you see the bomb dropped on college bball yesterday? Of course my Cards are right in the fucking middle of it. Looks like Pitino may be out today. And practice starts Friday. It’s ugly, I’m depressed, and I’d imagine there’s more programs that’ll be uncovered in all of this. Hopefully, somebody from the FBI makes a stop over Lexington. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the nads. 😒

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      2. I hope this will lead to an overhaul of the system. You know this has to be going on throughout the whole of the NCAA. And not just basketball. There’s just so much money here. How do officials manage to keep track of it all?

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      3. No, this isn’t an isolated event with a rogue assistant coach or booster. And I guarantee it’s been happening for years, and look no further than down the road from me. We don’t call him Calipayme for nothin’. Won’t change the fact that we ducked up, BIG TIME, but I sure hope that slime ball goes down too. The Adidas exec who got arrested yesterday used to work for Nike. If he starts singing, which I’m certain he will, then any school who’s gotten a bunch of these one-and-done guys is likely on notice, including sUcKs.

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      4. Yep. It’s going to be widespread, I’m sure. Well, there would be no surprise if a lot of the big schools: Duke, UK, Kansas, NC, etc all have dirty hands. We’ll see. I hope ‘Nova has their ducks in a row…

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      5. You’re right though, this has needed to be exposed for a long, long time. Especially the show company involvement. Just hate that we had to be part the example they’re making. Just sad. It’ll set our program back for the next 5-10 years. Makes me want to cry.

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      6. Kinda pathetic to feel like I do today. It’s a friggin’ game. And I certainly realize there are much bigger things to worry about. But I can’t help it. I’ve been a lifelong fan, season tickets for the better part of 30 years. Donations every year. Feel like we’ve all been duped. It’s devastating.

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      7. It’s awful. Coach and AD fired, 4 days before practice starts? Ugh. And I fear the worst is yet to come. Pitino already lawyered up. Haven’t heard a peep outta Jurich. It’s crazy. Everybody’s stunned. And yes, now even my distraction from the real world, my winter go-to, and that pride you feel in your alma mater have all been assaulted. Meh. 😊

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  1. Beautiful photos! I wish I had the patience to learn more about the cameras we have. I recently got a cheap macro and wide angle lens that clips onto my phone. It’s surprisingly cool! (And simple, lol)

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  2. Welcome to Photography, Meg! Haha. It’s a great hobby to get into, I really recommend it and you already seem to have an eye for it!

    When writing is getting stressful, or a block sets in, take photos! It’s a great palette cleanser.

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      1. What I like about Photography, is that it can provide that instant gratification. Sometimes I get tired of how slow writing can be, but you can take a photo and feel proud of that shot instantly. Still, you can also work a long time editing a photo and slowly see something there too… but it’s nice to break up creativity with other creativity!

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  3. Beautiful, Meg! I hear you on the hobbies. It’s hard for me to focus on just one, too. I think I may take a photography intro class so I know how to use all the functions on my Rebel! I feel it’s going to waste. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Em! I should do that, too… take a class. Or at a minimum, see what I can find on YouTube. I would like to use the camera’s higher functions!


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