Spending a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina gave me an opportunity to mess around with my camera. I admit I’m in over my head. I had high hopes for watching tutorials and learning the ins and outs but no dice. Happy hour started at noon most days and well… that is rarely conducive to getting stuff done. Nevertheless, the weather was unsettled and made for some pretty sunsets and the rough surf and the seabirds are always picturesque. Have a look.

Photography (like I need another hobby)

As you might recall, (even though it’s been a while since I posted anything) I’ve been trying my hand at art in the form aof pencil drawing and charcoal sketching. As I started, I found out how much better my sketches came out when I copied a photograph rather than just coming up with something out of my head. Of course, the logical outcome of that kind of thing is that I need good photographs to copy, which means either swiping images from the internet or finding interesting subject matter to photograph on my own. Which then means getting a good camera. Way to make a short story long, Sorick… Bottom line: I bought a Sony ICLE 6000 interchangeable lens camera. Here are some of my practice photos: