Sketching From a Photograph (10) Rachel

I am such a lazy artist. I am always running out of room because I neglect to measure and draw marks or lines of scale. As a result, the hair isn’t accurate to the photo. Nevertheless, here is my attempt to draw the beautiful Rachel Wiesz:


38 thoughts on “Sketching From a Photograph (10) Rachel

      1. Well…. the main drain line taking waste water out of the house into the septic tank somehow got blocked and backed up into this overflow drain we have for the water softener…. and all of that mess ended up all over the basement floor….πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ€’

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      1. I’ve never been able to maintain a journal, except for while traveling. I keep an account of the way each day was spent and what sights were seen. And helps me remember what’s in all my photos!

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  1. You call it lazy I call it over enthusiastic. Having the talent to draw is something I envy… if I were to draw I’d totally get over excited and just throw myself in without thinking.
    That being said this is great. It shows you’ve got a talent for this sketching game. Don’t be put off by vanity, just enjoy what you do, learn from it and keep astounding yourself and others.

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    1. Cameron, thank you so much! That is spot on, I do get excited about the drawing. Then I call it finished before I’ve refined it completely. The work I’ve taken my time on comes out so much better. Nevertheless, you are right, with time I will learn and improve. Especially with encouragement like yours! Thank you again!

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      1. My absolute pleasure it’s clear you’ve got a talent for it and I for one could never judge for excitement.
        You deserve all the encouragement in the world. If you love those artistic flourishes just do it love it and enjoy it!!

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