Pitch Black

She was as welcome
As a ray of sunshine…
On a parched desert world
Devoid of life
Atmosphere burned away
By hydrocarbons

She was as wanted
As a downpour…
On the day of the funeral
The mourners soaked
With cold rain
And bitter tears

She was as loved
As an armistice…
On the final day of a war
In which your son
Was the last one
To die

She was as pitch black
As the agony in her broken heart

I pulled the first stanza of this poem straight out of a comment I made yesterday about being a ray of sunshine… the rest of it just sort of fell into place after that. Header Image: Agony and Ecstasy -Paul Lovering

48 thoughts on “Pitch Black

      1. We have to recognize our dark side and pay attention to it, otherwise we are never a whole person. We cannot always live in the light. What is drawn from the dark is illuminated by the light, and the light side can be equally darkened. True poetry presents the balance between one and the other so that we reach for the silver lining that we glimpse behind even the darkest clouds.

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      1. Good thing. My entire wardrobe consists of black. My entire writing repertoire these days as well. This was the equivalent of one of your nap specials. A 3am slam awake with the idea fully formed poem


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