Want to Live

This is the poem from which I took the fragment Live. I’ve also added the audio recording. 

In minor key
A droning tone
Wails the violin
Staccato of a drum

The restraints that bind
And bite into flesh
The metal is cold
The stone floor rough

The sting of your hand
I gasp at the blow
Sense your excitement
I pray to a god I don’t know

When harp strings plucked
Sound like the howl of a ghost
Blood seeps from my wounds
And I fear all is lost

When your breath in my ear
Asks for what I can’t give
I know your love is destruction
And I want to live

Artwork, words and vocals ~ Meg Sorick

30 thoughts on “Want to Live

      1. Oh I see! Well, I think people know that writers do use their imaginations a lot…but I can understand your concern. I don’t know why, but I didn’t assume it was personal when I read it. It just didn’t feel like that. To me anyway.


  1. This is amazing. I can’t write this intense emotion without it being from at least second hand experience. I didn’t even read it, I listened to it and I love that you recorded it. I know your voice well, but it sent shivers up my spine as I listened. Extremely good.

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  2. Meg, this poem is terrific and dark. Sort of a “Misery” type of love, very destructive. The artwork is wonderful, and I love the audio recording! A beautiful presentation! Please enjoy what’s left of your Sunday and have a good week ahead. ~ Mia 🙂


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