Virtual Booze Cruise

Michael Scott on The Office Booze Cruise









Week 51 in the Year of Drinking Adventurously. Tiki cocktails.

Oh dear, we near the end of the adventure. Alas, this week isn’t well suited for my tastes. I know Lula will have something fabulous to share. She is the Mistress of Mixology, the Countess of Cocktails, the Duchess of Drinky-poos… All right I’m getting carried away.

Suffice it to say, complicated cocktails are not really my thing. I’m more of an ‘on the rocks’ kind of girl. The most complicated drinks I indulge in are Martinis and Manhattans. Chances are my rum is mixed with Coke and if my gin isn’t being shaken not stirred, it’s being diluted with tonic or lime. My whiskey is always straight up, on the rocks or neat. Same goes for the cognac. Absinthe is for staring into the abyss. Or, at a minimum, for moping. I went off script with a few of the weeks. My visit to wine country, my hard cider experiment, just to name two.

In reviewing the virtual booze cruise I tried a few things I’d never had before, mostly from the Asian countries. Sake, baiju, sho chu… My favorite discovery however was Fernet from Italy. I have repurchased it since the initial experiment and drink it as the Argentinians do —with Pepsi. I also enjoyed getting to know my local brewers at Freewill Brewing in Perkasie, the town next to mine. And of course, learning to brew at home —updates on the Radioactive Monsters Brewing Company

I have to sketch a better mascot…

(that’s what I’m calling it) to follow in the coming year.


It’s been a fun challenge, finding all the different alcohols, even in Fascist Pennsylvania. I have to think of a new adventure to embark upon for 2017, maybe something a little more healthy? Nah…

Suggestions welcome!


46 thoughts on “Virtual Booze Cruise

    1. Yes! I actually do think I’m going to do a baking series, so chocolate will definitely play a big role. Plus it will tie in with my current novel project and thus will be relevant to the writing too. If you have a request, just let me know! 😋

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