Worth More To Me…

A glaze of ice on the water of the lake
The whip of the cold north wind in my hair
The gunmetal sky spilling fat snowflakes
Hurry home to wife and hearth and fire

Up ahead the chimney smoke is but a wisp
I urge the horse on, as apprehension grows
The house is dark, no lanterns light the way
As steed and I struggle in the deepening snow

I leap from my mount upon entering the yard
Tie him quickly to the post and hasten cross threshold
Inside I find only cold and empty rooms
And note upon mantle above fire banked to coals

‘Dearest husband, I’ve given you a way
Find another woman to keep you warm
One who will not disappoint, fail to give you sons
Fill her belly, find comfort in her arms

I beg your leave and your wish for well
I return to my own father’s home in shame
I relinquish my privileged place
It was my honor to take your name

But now I give it back so you may take another
Take a lively, fertile girl with hips for giving birth
Who’ll keep your house and hearth
Bring the sound of children’s laughter and mirth

Farewell my love, I’ve taken only my clothes
I’m riding the old mare for she’s no good to you
Do not try to stop me, it’s my heart’s desire
Your happiness is worth more than mine times two’

I sank to my knees in anguish and deep distress
For even familiar roads in snow would be precarious
Yet she couldn’t have made it too far along
I returned to the horse and set off in chase

The snow had all but obscured their tracks
And yet I soon picked up their trail into the forest
Thank God, old Molly was surefooted, true, but plodding
For in the woods, were dangers more treacherous

Wolves and bears and highwaymen, even in the storm
Would prey upon a vulnerable woman and her mare
I pushed my horse recklessly along the blanketed road
Trying to keep my wits and not give in to despair

Up ahead amidst the trees, barely visible through the snow
A tiny rider cloaked in grey, upon a dappled mount
Standing in the stirrups, bow drawn, arrow aimed
At circling wolf, alone and foaming at the mouth

I hurried on, drawing my sword from its sheath
But watched as she dispatched the wolf with arrow’s tip
Then with tears of joy I pulled my love from saddle
And with loving kisses warmed her lips

‘My sweet you cannot leave me, I need you more than air
I want you more than food or water, I love you more than life
You are worth more to me than a dozen sons
I live for your laughter and companionship, my beloved wife’

Her eyes bright and shining, pools of pain and sorrow
‘I am sorry love, I thought I should set you free’
I kissed her cool mouth softly and cut off her words
‘Come home darling, your place will always be with me’

57 thoughts on “Worth More To Me…

      1. Not so much in content… But I am thinking of changing the header image and the profile pic. Plus the year of drinking adventurously will end! I have to find some new trouble to get into! 😜

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  1. This is beautiful and romantic. That he loves her so much even in is time, that sons or whatever else does not matter to him as much as his wife does. I’m happy he came searching for her!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I do. Of course if it was me I would re cast it as a bleak psychological domestic drama where the woman insistence on pleasing her husband would wreck havoc on both of them, but this works much better. I haven’t forgotten small cuts you know.

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