Picking up where the story left off…

It’s been eight months since I looked at the fifth novel in my series. For those of you just joining me, my novel series is set in my home area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Bucks County is situated in the southeast corner of the state, within shouting distance of Philadelphia. The books have followed a group of friends, each book concentrating on the story of one of them, or two as the case may be, as a couple gets together.

As the series progressed, I moved from the original six characters to write the story of some of the minor players. The fourth book has set up the plot for the fifth and after the fifth, I have one more book to write to finish the series. Six is a good number -a half dozen, a double trilogy.

It’s been hard to get my mind back into the world I’ve created there, however. I never gave it any thought, but my writing has drifted far away from that original style and genre. I hope I can still write a lighter, more humorous story. But to give you a taste, here’s the novel synopsis I entered for NaNoWriMo:

Even though Maya Kaminski is just getting by, her dream of opening a French bakery/cafe in her hometown has finally come true. Although she struggles financially, she is too proud to accept help from friends who have the means to ease her burdens. Its only when a ruthless competitor opens a rival enterprise right across the street, that Maya finds herself with little choice but to bring in a partner or go under. 

Not perfect, I know. The blurb is the hardest thing for me to write. This story will be part mystery, part comedy and –as expected–part romance. I will be posting updates and excerpts here during the month of November –that is if I manage to write something I’m particularly happy with.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. It really means the world to me.

19 thoughts on “Picking up where the story left off…

    1. Oh, no not five in a year! It will end up being five in three years. I started in early 2014. And really, writing a series is like writing one continuous novel. The location is set, the characters are partly developed at least… It’s a matter of keeping going!

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