Life stories – Six by six words

Existence, subsistence means life without pulchritude

Pulchritude injects joy into routine monotony

Monotony suppresses dreams of future happiness

Life devoid of dreams becomes bitter

Bitterness begets hopelessness, capitulation and futility

Only love can save the day.

40 thoughts on “Life stories – Six by six words

      1. Like the Libertines, yes? It’s a good thing that some laws seem to be ‘natural’ or else we would perish as a species… or perhaps that is exactly what we are slowly doing.

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      2. That is a big question…De Sade would argue that laws vary from country to country and that nature is perverse and destructive. De Sade also said that the death of forty million people is not necessarily more important than the death of a single blackbird. Now I wouldn’t agree with either Crowley or Sade, but it is interesting to here arguments that contradict the usual humanistic arguments.

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      3. That is counterintuitive to the ‘injury to another’ even if it is a result of ‘my will’ argument then. The will should be under love for the other (the greater good) in that case. And when I say natural laws, I don’t mean the laws of the land, I mean things like murder. The majority of cultures (majority, not all) observe laws about the taking of a life, personal injury, etc.

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      4. Sade would argue that all laws are social constructs designed to limit the freedom of the individual… the Sadean hero or heroine is solitary, as any possible understanding between sovereign individuals is impossible, in an infernal, blind, indifferent and cruel universe

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      5. He’s not wrong about laws being social constructs. At least a minimum of social constructs are necessary for the survival of the human race. I suppose the tricky thing is determining who has the right to decide what those constructs are. As a nobleman, would he have supported the ‘divine’ right of the king? He was more likely to support the Adversary, no? Democracy and self determination? In its lowest form that is mob rule. That sounds more like it… Cyclical anarchy? Did he even have a solution or was he just asking the questions?


      6. He was been claimed by the right and left, the reactionaries and the progressives. He was a nobleman, but he was also Citizen Sade leading his local assembly and acting with a coolness and humanity when overs were losing their heads during the revolution. I don’t think anyone would ever want to live in the Sadean universe, he was the first man to show the horror of freedom.

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      1. No problem! I really enjoyed the poem a lot.

        If you ever have some spare time, feel free to check out the writing blog I just started. Would be very grateful for any feedback.

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