An -age-old-question: haiku


An obscure passage

But a transcendent message

Arcane in usage


Gain a foothold

Overthrow mighty stronghold

Chaos manifold


What is the question?

Who can answer the question?

Rephrase the question.


33 thoughts on “An -age-old-question: haiku

      1. And I should explain….the made me think of this cyclical thinking. Sometimes that’s what my brain does, like it needs a scratch on the record to derail. Then I’m like…oh! There’s my gut telling me what’s right.

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  1. I have a copy of the Tao in the car and read it when thinking about what I should do next. “Will the thin man
    / give up his secret?” So many questions. Like “What are you doing reading the Tao at the traffic lights? Will you step out of the car, sir? Now. Please.”

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