Wordless Wednesday 

Photo my own.

29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 

      1. The catacombs are open to the public. In the later 1700s the Paris cemeteries were overcrowded, so the bones were disinterred, catalogued and moved to the tunnels beneath the city. The remains of more than 6 million people are resting here.

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    1. The day we toured the catacombs we also toured Pere Marche cemetery where Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried. Then we did the WWI display at Le Musee D’Armie. We called le jour de morte – the day of death.

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      1. The closest I’ve come is a place not too far from me, actually. I think this is kind of the right state for that stuff… being one of the oldest parts of the US and all. But I love the really old cemeteries in Europe…

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