Cover for Tainted Inheritance

Coming soon! By Meg Sorick…

Book Four in the Bucks County series is uploaded and files are pending approval! I just got this back from my graphic designer!

What do you think?

56 thoughts on “Cover for Tainted Inheritance

      1. At least 2 per morning keeps the Doctor at bay! I think Meg would concur…but that’s not her specialty. 😉

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    1. I’m hoping within the next few days. It will be available through Amazon kindle and in paperback. I’ll be making an official announcement when it goes live. Thanks for your interest! 😃

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      1. I would love to know what bookstores so I can pick up a copy while on vacation. There are no bookstores in my little town and I still need to buy my kindle.😊

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      2. Then it will give me the perfect reason to finally buy my kindle. There’s a few books that I want to get. I’m going to have lots of reading.😊

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  1. Love the image that goes with it, it’s perfect! I would suggest to fade the image a bit, and put the title across the image like a red stamp. Like how ‘classified’ or ‘confidential’ is stamped across the cover of police files. 😛 that’s a pathetic suggestion. Ignore it. 😛 Still stick to the suggestion of fading the image a bit so it appears more like a background – ‘just a hint of money lurking in her past’

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    1. Ah, too late for changes… I approved the cover already. The font sizes and styles are consistent across the series, something that ties one book to the next.


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