Nature girl

Naked by the water
Not caring who sees
Lying in the tall grass
Grass stains on my knees

Dip my fingers in the cool stream
Let the tadpoles tickle my skin
The sun turns the ripples golden
Ribbons for a fairy queen

Nibbles on pink fingernails
Tiny fishes nip and pinch
Squeal in delight, draw hand away
Water splashes skin to drench

Inhale the honeysuckle perfume
Roll onto my back with languid sigh
Drunk on sunshine and summer heat
My eyes are heavy but my heart is light

I let the troubles go with the current
Sent the heartache down the stream
I drip the water, cool my glowing skin
Let it purify me, make me clean

59 thoughts on “Nature girl

  1. Oh…love, love, love…this is fantastic. SO many good feelings this invokes of times that’s been me. Beautiful, Meg. Now I need to find the nearest river. πŸ™‚

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      1. You had me laugh out loud, literally, in the cafe just now. Oh, I’m not worried. πŸ˜‰ But, I’ll say the fantasy is a fun one. Haha! We are not done yet, by the way…two more parts to come.

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      1. For me, today is finally NOT one of those days. So far. God knows that’s always subject to change with this particular brain I’ve got. But I’m hoping for the best… And I hope your day turns around. πŸ™‚

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      2. Aw. I have to cook dinner so my life is exciting. Actually, it kind of is because I’m making “healthy” Fettuccini Alfredo… Which is delicious despite the enormous reduction in fat… πŸ˜€

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      1. Yes it is. My wife & most people in the Dominican Republic have this custom of going to the beach. Go in the water waist deep, then throw yourself back three times. This is supposed to cleanse you of bad luck and curses. I always feel rejuvenated by water. Need to go back soon.

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      1. I took that photo on a hike in the smoky mountains. I’m not surprised that you’d like the idea of being naked in nature. I’m not opposed to it either, however I would prefer not to be observed I think!

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