Meg Sorick or Margaret: On Author Names

See why I keep this guy around? Seriously, this is great information for all of us trying to get recognized in the sea of self publishing.

Fictional Kevin

Meg Sorick called me with a problem. Primarily I am writing this for her. However, the advice I give to her will work for you as well. Give it a read and you’ll likely see better traffic and sales.

Dr. Meg called me today. She is trying to update her blog and wanted some input on how to better show up in the search engines. I did a bit of research and found out a couple things:

  • When one searches for “Dr. Meg” her blog comes up on page 5 of the results.
  • When one searches for “Dr. Meg Sorick” her blog comes up first. Her author page at Amazon doesn’t appear until page 6.
  • When someone searches for “Margaret Sorick” her first book comes up #1 on Google. Her Amazon UK author page comes up on page 3. Her US author page is not in the top 7 pages…

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