X is for Xavier #atozchallenge

A private school in New York State
Shelters mutants from those who hate
Harnessing their wrath
This powerful telepath
Trains them, their powers to concentrate

I love The X-men movies.  They have an underlying social message – a commentary on prejudice and xenophobia, which is a gut check to the automatic human reaction of fearing, isolating, and worst of all, destroying something they don’t understand.

Beyond that, there are some pretty awesome super powers on display.  If you had a choice, what would your superpower be?  I would love to be able to shape-shift like Mystique.  And I would assume the form of Aidan Turner’s girlfriend…  Seriously, you had to see that coming.


Aidan Turner/Sarah Greene Image courtesy celebsnow.co.uk




45 thoughts on “X is for Xavier #atozchallenge

  1. I’d want a pot pourri of superpowers… if you restrict to one, you’re too easily beaten! I’d definitely want some time and transportation powers thrown in… a bit of mind control… speed… and to fight like Chuck Norris!

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  2. I am always fascinated by Charles Xavier. I mean, his friend Eric (Magneto) and Raven (Mystique) leave him opposing what he stands for. Yet he comes back to help everyone (the “normal” and the X-Men) alike. Adorable character he is.

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  3. Shape shifter is a good one. I used to want to be able to rad others thoughts but then someone pointed out how noisy and how much of a nightmare it would be listening to every single persons thoughts . I’d love to be able to fly or eat anything I want and stay slim. I would love to have magic powers.

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  4. Imma up your super power. Mine is Atomic Manipulation. Sorta the same as yours only bigger and better. Think about it – everything, and I do mean everything is mad up of atoms. To be able to manipulate atoms means you can turn everything into whatever you want. This may not be enjoyable for the rest of the world, but I sure as heck would have a field day with this super power 🙂 Oh yeah, am so imagining it! Happy friday!

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  5. A newbie to your blog and loving it 😀 Pitching in my two cents about one of my all-time fav superhero movies! Xavier is one of my all-time fav characters and am not so sure of his fate in the upcoming movie :\ Doesn look so good! Did you have a chance to check it out ? 🙂

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