T is for TARDIS #atozchallenge

In the TARDIS, I will hide
And hope The Doctor lets me ride
Through space and time
The ship sublime
That I know is bigger on the inside

Ok, ok, I know I said my dream job was to be a Bryan Ferry back-up singer… I did tell you guys that right? Well, forget it. My dream job is to be The Doctor’s companion! Seriously, how could anyone resist? The entire universe at your fingertips, all the moments of history available to visit. Which one would you pick? You wouldn’t have to! You could visit them all. I do have one stipulation for this adventure… I’m going with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)!  There he is with his sonic screwdriver, looking all adorable.Unknown



Also, don’t tell me this isn’t the best TV theme song EVER!


Header image courtesy BBC America dot com and David Tennat image courtesy Science fiction dot com.

47 thoughts on “T is for TARDIS #atozchallenge

  1. What fun! If you haven’t heard it, the Infinite Monkey Cage did this year’s holiday special podcast on Dr Who. Well worth a listen.

    While I like the new show, with the exception of Matt Smith, who bugs the crap outta me, the classic Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor.

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      1. Oh, he was nice beyond words.

        Krystal was dressed as a Dalek and was lucky enough to go to a panel with him on it and also get a picture with him.

        Though I didn’t have a ticket to get something signed, they let us stay in line together & he said “Allon-sy” for us.


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      1. Our finest export! DT’s fab. I remember first seeing him in Casanova, before he signed on to play The Doctor. Worth catching if it’s ever repeated. Just googled it and he looks so young!

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  2. Great T word! 🙂 I love it… DT is my favorite, too. Being a companion would be great but at some point, heartbreaking. (Ms. Sappy-happy-ending over here…) Ohhh… my high school boyfriend wore a scarf just like TB’s… (Have I always loved nerds? Yes…I have…) 🙂

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      1. Aww. I’ve watched far more as an adult… I saw it when I was younger but didn’t enjoy it as much. Started watching regularly with the 9th doctor…. then 10th of course. Took a little time with the 11th but I think that was probably because I missed DT. Hahaha. The current one is okay but I still miss DT.

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      1. It’s all on Netflix! The first couple episodes of the series reboot with Christopher Eccleston are really dumb but after that it gets fantastic! Do not let anyone tell you to skip the 9th Doctor!

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