P is for Pompeii #atozchallenge

Fire and ash from miles away
Buried the city of Pompeii
Choked of breath
The throes of death
The victims lie preserved to this day

I had the chance to see Pompeii in 2009. Here are a couple photos:

And the victims…

Some of the architecture:

Wall paintings, remarkably preserved.  The one on the top left is from the wall of a brothel.  Notice the fair skin of the prostitute, compared to the darker skin of her client, who spent his time out in the sun!




28 thoughts on “P is for Pompeii #atozchallenge

  1. The preserved bodies are wild. I saw a photo once of a mother holding her child, preserved in embrace. Crazy, but to this day, some of the worlds largest populations live at the feet of volcano’s. it’s likely to happen again at some point in our history.

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    1. I know! They’ve only left a few examples on site at Pompeii, the rest of the victims are in a museum somewhere. The frustrating thing is when all the warning signs are there and people ignore them or delay getting to safety! No material thing is worth your life.

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      1. No doubt! Although, I’d try to save my pics…and my cameras. But other than that, it could all go. Sounded like Steve Martin in The Jerk there for a sec. “… and this thermos, that’s all I need…”. 😃

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    1. Not creepy at all! The bodies are the first things everyone wants to see. It personalizes it. The paintings and the tile mosaics are pretty stunning too though – the photos don’t do them justice.


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