Monochrome Monday – Black and White Photography – 2019 – 10

I loved the theme of Cee’s Black and White Challenge this week: murals, but I didn’t have any photos I could use. A shame really… Philadelphia is a city full of murals –they even have an official mural arts program. Unfortunately I neither had any archived shots of Philly murals, nor did I have time to go on a photo expedition into the city.

And so I go off the script for my photography this week. These are from Naples, Italy. A beautiful and dangerous place with Mount Vesuvius in the background:

P is for Pompeii #atozchallenge

Fire and ash from miles away
Buried the city of Pompeii
Choked of breath
The throes of death
The victims lie preserved to this day

I had the chance to see Pompeii in 2009. Here are a couple photos:

And the victims…

Some of the architecture:

Wall paintings, remarkably preserved.  The one on the top left is from the wall of a brothel.  Notice the fair skin of the prostitute, compared to the darker skin of her client, who spent his time out in the sun!