I is for Indispensable #atozchallenge

At times he was indefensible
At times, their love wasn’t sensible
Yet it grew over time
Became something sublime
To each other indispensable

Guest limericist – Fictional Kevin

Yeah, so I was drawing a blank on “I” so I asked the other half of my brain, Kevin for a suggestion… Pretty awesome, huh? He writes a lot about his relationship with Waco, go check out his post: Indispensable about his lady love.

I think these guys provide a good soundtrack! Florida Georgia Line! (Plus they’re super hot! And this post has to have something for me!)

16 thoughts on “I is for Indispensable #atozchallenge

  1. Meg, this is beautiful! I like this a lot! And M is for Meg! 😊 or mermaid! Hope you have a great week! 😀


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